We have extensive experience in commercial transactions--the purchase by a business of some or all of the assets of another business. We have handled individual transactions with a value up to $75,000,000. These transactions typically involve commercial real estate, business personal property (such as equipment and inventory), contract rights, intellectual property (trademarks, for example) and other types of assets. These transactions have often included assets in other states, and in these instances we have worked closely with local counsel. Our experience also includes representing a client (with the assistance of bankruptcy counsel) in the purchase of substantial assets from a seller in bankruptcy, including our client having served as the "stalking horse bidder" for such assets.

In many of these transactions, our clients have obtained financing or capital investments to fund the transactions and we have often represented our clients with respect to these matters as well. We typically interact with big city law firms in the course of these transactions. Our experience and expertise with respect to these types of transactions is unusual for a firm of our size and location.

Our attorneys have also on multiple occasions served as counsel in connection with the merger/reorganization of two or more non-profit organizations. We are well acquainted with the complex practical, organizational and legal issues which arise in such mergers.