In consultation with our clients' accountants, we assist clients in identifying the form of business entity that best suits their business model, whether that is a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, limited liability partnership or corporation. We then take all necessary steps to form that entity, including the preparation and filing of formation documents, (e.g. Articles of Incorporation/Certificate of Formation), the preparation of bylaws, shareholders agreements and stock certificates, partnership agreements or operating agreements, as applicable, the preparation of any required resolutions and public advertising of the formation of the entity, as required. Our personalized legal advice and customized documentation insure that our clients' documents include the specific provisions they want. This approach is particularly important when forming partnerships and limited liability companies, where the options are virtually unlimited and careful choices must be made.

We also frequently represent entities and individuals when new partners/members/shareholders are being added or existing partners/members/shareholders are being removed and we are well-versed in these transactions and the documents which are required to bring about those changes.

While we deal primarily with Pennsylvania business entities, we have arranged for and overseen the formation of many business entities in other states, and have taken the necessary steps to qualify Pennsylvania entities to do business in other states as well as to qualify entities from other states to do business in Pennsylvania.

Our attorneys have also completed the formal dissolution/liquidation of many business entities and are knowledgeable concerning the steps that must be taken to complete the dissolution/liquidation process.

We represent our business clients in a broad range of matters including, but not limited to, the review, negotiation and drafting of numerous types of commercial contracts, independent contractor agreements and license agreements, and the negotiation and documentation of various types of business transactions and real estate matters.