Generally, the firm charges professional fees on an hourly basis, However, the firm will enter into alternate fee arrangements when that makes sense for both you and the firm. For example, the firm will enter into contingency fee arrangements for certain personal injury and collection claims. The firm will also enter into flat fee arrangements in instances where the scope of work and the fees are reasonably predictable. Further, the firm offers discounted fees and other cost-saving arrangements to charitable, non-profit organizations.

The attorney who is responsible for your matter will finalize the fee arrangements with you as part of the intake process, and will describe the initial fee arrangements in the firm's engagement letter.

Our goal is to structure fee arrangements in such a way that they work for both you and the firm. We will consider any reasonable fee arrangement.


If your existing in-house counsel department needs additional help, or if your for-profit or non-profit organization would benefit from access to on-site legal services on a part-time basis, please contact us and we may be able to help.