Davison & McCarthy's representation of clients typically begins with a meeting or a telephone conference between the clients and the attorney (or in some instances, attorneys) who will be handling the matter on the client's behalf. For certain matters, clients may be eligible for a no fee initial consultation. This initial meeting or conference allows our attorneys to learn as much as we can about our clients' matters.

The lead attorney will go over the terms of representation (fees, billing and payment schedules, etc.). We conduct a conflicts check to make certain that we do not have a conflict of interest due to our representation of other participants in the clients' matters. We will deliver an engagement letter, confirming in writing the terms of representation, and clients will be asked to sign and return the letter.

Our goal is to assign matters within our firm to the attorney or attorneys and other staff best equipped to handle the particular subject matter and to complete cases successfully and efficiently. This will mean, in some instances that the attorney with whom clients first communicate may not be the attorney who becomes primarily responsible for the particular matter. Even in such instances, however, the attorney the clients initially meet will continue to monitor and oversee all aspects of the matter.

We strive to maintain open lines of communication with clients throughout our representation. We typically copy clients on all substantive correspondence (including emails relating to the matter) and will otherwise communicate with clients on a consistent basis to make him or her aware of the status of the case. The direct telephone lines and direct e-mail addresses of all of our attorneys and staff are posted on the individual pages on this website entitled "Our People". We encourage clients to use those direct means to contact us. We are here to serve our clients who always have the right to know what is going on with his or her case.

Each of our support staff has the capability of providing paralegal services in addition to support services. Clients may see paralegal services on the bill depending upon the nature of the matter.

Our support staff essentially serve our lawyers as a team - in other words, no support staff person is assigned to a particular lawyer. Consequently, clients may speak to any support staff persons about his or her matter. If it so happens that the particular staff person is not fully acquainted with the case, our team approach insures that clients always get to the right person for timely reponses.

Following the conclusion of our representation, we will close out the file and it may be moved to off-site storage. We do not retain our files indefinitely. We recommend that clients keep in their possession all important documents from their file, including originals of all legally effective documents. Additional information concerning record retention policies is available upon request.